Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

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Bentonite Waterproof Blanket


    Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG ) is a kind of geosynthetics used in artificial lake water, landfill, underground garage, roof garden, pool, oil depot and chemical yards. Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG ) is filled with high expansive sodium bentonite in a special compound geotextile and nonwoven fabric, and is made of prick method. The soil impervious mat can form a lot of small fiber space, so that the bentonite particles can not flow in one direction. In the case of water, a uniform high density rubber waterproof layer is formed in the cushion, which effectively prevents water leakage.

Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG ):  specification

Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG ):  pictures
Bentonite Waterproof Blanket
Bentonite Waterproof Blanket
Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG)Advantages

1. It is Environment friendly;

2. It has Long-lasting waterproof performance;

3. It is Easy operation, loading and installation.

4. It is Quality guaranteed for 3 years.

5. It has Wide application in various projects.


Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG ): other details

Package: straps

Delivery Detail: 3 weeks for a 40HQ

Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

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Bentonite Waterproof Blanket (SDDG ):
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