Fiberglass Geogrid

    Fiberglass Geogrid is a kind of plane warp knitted mesh with alkali-free fiberglass yarn as main body, then coated with bitumen. The warp knitted with oriental structure which gives full play of yarn strength and improves their mechanical property to make the product high tensile, tearing and creep-resistant. The asphalt coated gives full protection for the fiberglass matrix and greatly improves the geogrid's wear and shear resistance.

    For Fiberglass Geogrid, we have two kinds, normal type and self-adhesive type. For the self-adhesive type, there is an extra layer coating of self-pressure sensitive adhesive. It not only can keep the normal type’s performance, but also ensure the geogrid combining tightly with the contacting surface. Self-adhesive type biaxial fiberglass geogrid has the features of construction convenient and paving leveling.

We have CE/ISO certificates for this product.