Geogrid Geotextile Geomembrane Composite

    Geogrid Geotextile Geomembrane Composite is a newly developed geosynthetic material recent years and is getting more and more popular. The basic material is non-woven geotextile or non-woven fabric. One kind is non-woven geotextile sticking to fiberglass/PET/Plastic biaxial geogrid with glue . One kind is geomembrane with non-woven geotextile. After combination, the Geogrid Geotextile Geomembrane Composite has owns the strength of geogrid and the softness of geotextile. This geogrid or geomembrane and geotextile composite is widely welcomed in Europe countries.

    Besides, we have CE/ISO certificates for Geogrid Geotextile Geomembrane Composite.