HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled

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HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled 


    HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled(SDDG ) is also called “Building Sandwich Plastic Board”. HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled is made of HDPE plate through stamping, which is finally a plate with conical dimples. Our  HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled (SDDG )including HDPE single side type and HDPE double sides type, without holes or one side with holes at the top.  

    HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled(SDDG ) is very important to the construction period and the normal usage of surrounding building. Together with porous water pipe, or non-woven geotextile,  HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled (SDDG )can form an effective drainage and saving system.  HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled (SDDG )can also greatly reduce the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer, and reach the result of initiative waterproof. By the reliable joint method,  HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled (SDDG )becomes a suitable waterproof adminicle.

 HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled (SDDG ): Pictures

HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled

HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled

HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled


HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled (SDDG ): features

1. Excellent heat preservation and insulation performance;

2. Light weight with good water drainage and save performance;

3. Good air permeability.

HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled : package

roll with straps.

HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled

HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled(SDDG )other details

Color: Black, white

Roll Width: 2m or 3m

Roll Length: 15m to 20m.

Payment: T/T, L/C

Production: 2 weeks for one container

If you have any demand for our HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled(SDDG ), please contact freely for more details!

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HDPE Drainage Board Dimpled:
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